'Wisdom of Wolves' authors share stories

Mar 26, 2018

An image from Jim and Jamie Dutcher's book "The Wisdom of Wolves."
Credit Jim and Jamie Dutcher/National Geographic

National Geographic photojournalists Jim and Jamie Dutcher’s exhibit “Living With Wolves” has been on display at the Aspen airport all winter. They now bring their new book “The Wisdom of Wolves” to Explore Booksellers on Monday.


Jim and Jamie Dutcher have spent nearly 30 years studying and photographing wolves, including six years living alongside a wolf pack in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Their new book includes lessons from that time, as well as stories from wolf researchers across the Northern Rockies.

Jamie Dutcher explained that the common narrative surrounding the animals can be misleading.

“They are top predators, and we really have to respect them for that, but at the same time, I think we misunderstand what wolves are really about,” she said.

Family is what truly drives wolf behavior, the Dutchers say. Each chapter of the new book focuses on a particular element of the social lives of wolves, like respecting elders or the importance of play.