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'Word is Bond' shows freedom in collaboration

Mar 28, 2018

Credit Carbondale Arts

On Friday, a collaborative art show, “Word is Bond,” opens in Carbondale.  Arts reporter Christin Kay spoke with the the artists, who likened the process to a conversation.  




Carbondale-based visual artists Stanley Bell and Takeo Hiromitsu worked together to create several of the paintings on display for “Word is Bond.”

Bell says starting a painting, then turning it over to Hiromitsu, led to new creativity. "We would work individually then we’d swap out pieces and then we’d come back together and toward the end here we’ve worked together. So the conversation that happened with the reaction was freeing in a sense."    

The pair say they have similar styles, which made the process easier, but they still had to give up what Hiromitsu describes as “hyper-individualism.”  


The two artists also worked separately on individual pieces for the exhibit.

Word is Bond opens Friday at the Launchpad in Carbondale.