X crowds keep law enforcement on watch

Feb 1, 2016

With over 100,000 people attending this past weekend’s Winter X Games, law enforcement questioned hundreds of people related to everything from intoxication to marijuana possession. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason has more.

The DJ Snake concert on Saturday evening attracted thousands of people, many of whom were intoxicated.
Credit Carolyn Sackariason

While total arrests are not in yet, law enforcement officials did release the number of quote “contacts” they had with people at Buttermilk, where the games were held. Nearly 300 people were questioned about alcohol over four days. Most of those happened on Saturday when there were reportedly 49,000 people at the venue throughout the day.

Over 150 people were contacted by police about marijuana possession.

Law enforcement officials say they consider the weekend successful given the number of people attending the games.