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Episode Two - Body and Mind


Today we turn to sex, drugs and mental health. Worldwide, sexually-transmitted diseases are on the rise. Many cultures don’t discuss sex in public and debates are ongoing about teaching reproductive health. When it comes to giving birth, mothers find varying degrees of support during prenatal check-ins, and many receive no support at all once the baby has arrived.



Our world of prescription drug rapidly expands and so do their price tags. Illicit drugs are making a comeback for medicinal reasons, including addressing issues of depression and PTSD. How do we bring mental health out of the shadows? Who needs more support, and what is the best way to provide it?

We turn to the research and insights of the speakers of the Aspen Ideas Health conference for the answers. Aspen Ideas Health runs from June 20  - June 23, and is produced by the Aspen Institute.

Episode Two explores the conference tracks Mental Health: Out of the Shadows and Sex, Drugs and Rock-and-Roll and features Edinah Masiyiwa, Jennie Joseph, Crystal Hall, Nora McInerny, Nasha Fitter, Daniel Davis, Ali Raja, Donald Warne, Esther Choo, Dawn Laguens and Wendo Aszed.