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Special Series

  • A new four-part series looking at the impacts of human-caused climate change in the Roaring Fork Valley and the community members dedicating their lives to mitigating the impacts.
  • "Lift Lines" is a new series from Aspen Public Radio that shares the joys of winter sports, broadcast throughout the week as part of our morning ski report. Reporter Kaya Williams brings her microphone to the chairlifts, gondolas and trails of the Roaring Fork Valley to ask people why they love sliding on snow.
  • All Things Considered host and reporter Halle Zander looked into Spanish-language emergency alerts in the Roaring Fork Valley’s three counties—Pitkin, Garfield, and Eagle—and compared the level of communication services that different agencies offer during disasters.
  • This two-part series, a collaboration between Aspen Public Radio and Aspen Journalism, looks at the impacts of COVID-19 across six Western Slope counties, including Pitkin, Eagle, Garfield, Mesa, Delta, and Gunnison. Challenges for healthcare providers included dealing with a transient community, staffing issues, and public angst. And death rates varied between rural and resort counties.
  • Climate change is becoming more apparent here in the Roaring Fork Valley. From smoke to drought, we're still understanding how it all affects our community. But how do trees fit into the big picture? Our news team is trying to answer that question by examining the unique relationship between our valley's trees and the climate crisis. Support for In the Woods comes from The Longview Foundation of Minnesota.