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Support local journalism during our Summer Membership Drive

Isa Catto Studio
Listeners who give at $15/month as Evergreen members (or make a one-time gift of $180) during our Summer Membership Drive will receive a limited edition co-branded Isa Catto Studio + Aspen Public Radio canvas tote bag with matching notebook, designed by Isa and her team in Woody Creek, Colo.

UPDATED as of August 3, 2022—Congratulations to all the winners of our Summer Membership Drive giveaways, and thank you to everyone in our community who supported us during the drive!

“Local Love” daily tote bag drawing
Emily F., Snowmass Village
Nathan S., Carbondale
Joy B., Carbondale
Teraissa M., Aspen
Julie E., Aspen

BirdNote: Chirps, Quirks, and Stories of 100 Birds from the Popular Public Radio Show
Tom and Donna W., Aspen
Melissa R., Snowmass
Deirdre V., Basalt
Deborah and Scott F., Glenwood Springs
Liz T., Carbondale
Denise L., Carbondale
Patty T., Aspen
Betina and Bill I., Basalt
Jennifer R., Glenwood Springs
Brent G. and Annie C., Basalt

Birds of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley: A Guide to Birds and Their Habitats from Independence Pass to Glenwood Springs
Adam F., Basalt
Lynette R., Grand Junction
Susan C., Carbondale
Scott L., Aspen
Annie F., Carbondale

NOAA emergency weather radio
Michael F. and Cynthia J., Carbondale
Moises D., Carbondale
Colleen and Tom R., Glenwood Springs
Susan K., Glenwood Springs
Robin W., Basalt
Robert and Susan B., Pennsylvania
Garrett R., Snowmass Village
Natalie W., Washington, D.C.
Jean and John B., Carbondale
Eric P., Snowmass

Theatre Aspen tickets to Gypsy and Jersey Boys
Jeff B., Carbondale
Anne G., Aspen
Joanne J., Carbondale
Lisa O., Carbondale
Louisa D., Carbondale
Joanne A., Basalt
Len O., Snowmass
Lynni H., Carbondale
Jake L., Basalt
Tim A., Eagle
Warren and Kathy K., Aspen

Marble Distillery spirits and glassware from North Drinkware
Mary Ann L., California
Howard H., Nebraska
Doug C. and Kathy W., Snowmass

Yeti Hopper cooler and gifts from Bristlecone Mountain Sports
Michael K. and Joan F., Aspen
Barbi S., Basalt

REI $100 gift certificate in celebration of the opening of the new REI Co-op in Glenwood Springs
Chris M., Aspen
Denise and Tom T., Carbondale
Ellen W., Minnesota

RJ Paddywacks gift basket
Jake L. and Ruthie the dog, Basalt

Tempest weather system
Dulcy and Scott K., Woody Creek

Judy emergency go bag kit
Niki J., Aspen

She Birdie personal safety alarm
Dawn B., Carbondale
Karla K., Eagle
Jillian and Wade L., Basalt
Bill S., Aspen
Hovik and June A., California
Lisa D., Snowmass
Bryan S., Glenwood Springs
Beth K., Aspen
Howard H., Nebraska
Sandra and George K., Florida

RAD Power Rad City 5 e-bike
Lauren and Mike S., Carbondale

Aspen Public Radio’s Summer Membership Drive is here! And we’re relying on listeners like you to help us reach our $50,000 goal this July 11-15.

We’re so excited to celebrate being a part of our amazing community by featuring locally-focused giveaways all week long, including:

Listener support helps fund every minute you hear on Aspen Public Radio.

Will you be a part of this important community service that provides news, information, and entertainment for nearly 18,000 listeners a week by making your gift now?

Because Aspen Public Radio connects you to the Valley and the world, no matter the season, and like no other service.

THANK YOU to all our listeners for your investment in this community treasure during our Summer Membership Drive this July, and thank you to all the local businesses who are supporting our station!