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5 Point Film Festival

Courtesy 5Point Film

Carbondale’s 5Point Adventure Film Festival was one of the first events to feel the effects of the pandemic last spring. The annual festival runs each April, but new social-distancing protocols left organizers with few options aside from postponing the full mountain film showcase altogether.

Since then, 5Point’s reimagined its annual festival into a fully virtual event running each night from Wednesday, Oct. 14 to Sunday, Oct. 18. Audiences can livestream a curated selection of short adventure films each night, which are followed by Q and A sessions with the filmmakers. 

"Dead Last," directed by Dylan Brown and produced by Sarah Herron

Carbondale’s 5Point Film Festival kicks off Thursday. The event focuses on outdoor adventures and athletes of all stripes.  

One film making its debut is “Dead Last.” It follows adaptive rock climber, Kaitlin Heatherly, as she competes at the Paraclimbing World Championships.

Steven Lewis Simpson

Aspen is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day by hosting Shining Mountain Film Festival. This two-day event highlights films by and about Native Americans, including "Neither Wolf Nor Dog."


Courtesy of Eric Mitchell, True Nature Healing Arts

This spring, 5 Point Film teamed up with a nonprofit called Big Heart Big Hands to host a panel discussion about the trauma and loss involved in backcountry rescue and recovery. Big Heart Big Hands raises money for mountain rescue teams and provides counseling support to those impact by mountain incidents.

The conversation was held in kiva at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale. We pick up with moderator Bobby L'Heureux of Big Heart Big Hands.


Courtesy of Big Heart Big Hands

Journeys into the backcountry allow adventurers to find inspiration and pursue challenging feats. But what happens when those adventures turn to tragedy? The non-profit Big Heart Big Hands supports those impacted by backcountry trauma. Last month, they co-hosted a panel discussion with 5 Point Film. It focused on the ripple effect of trauma and loss that hits communities.

Elizabeth Stewart-Severy/Aspen Public Radio

5 Point Film Festival is underway in Carbondale, and the offerings go beyond adventure films.  On Saturday, 5 Point will co-host a discussion about the impacts of backcountry rescue missions.

5 Point Adventure Film Festival

5 Point Adventure Film Festival is in Carbondale this weekend. This year, the theme is "Our Lands, Our Stories."  

Courtesy of 5Point Adventure Film

5Point Adventure Film will present two nights of film screenings at the Wheeler Opera House this weekend. This will be a primer for the 6th annual film festival taking place in Carbondale this April.

Week in the Arts: January 15, 2018

Jan 15, 2018

Wednesday, as part of Aspen Gay Ski Week, a series of boutiques and galleries will participate the Fashion & Art night out from 6 to 9. For more information, visit


Thursday at the Aspen Chapel, there’s the first installment of the “Create Bravely” workshop starting at 4.


‘Adventure belongs to all’ at this year’s 5Point

Apr 19, 2017
Courtesy of 5Point Adventure Film Festival

The 10th annual 5Point Adventure Film Festival kicks off Thursday. Athletes and industry leaders will take over Carbondale during the four-day event.

Forest Woodward

In January, members of the U.S. Rafting team made an attempt at breaking a speed record on the Colorado River.

Lynch to lead 5Point Film Festival

Nov 28, 2016
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A valley local is taking the helm of Carbondale’s 5Point Adventure Film Festival. Meaghan Lynch was named executive director of the non profit on Monday.

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The 5Point adventure film festival is bringing their movies outside next Thursday in Carbondale.


“Road from Karakol”, which premiered at the 5Point Film Festival in 2013, is being shown.


The event features some of the highlights from the nonprofit’s four events in Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington state and here in Carbondale.

Screenshot, "Being Here"

Carbondale’s 5Point Adventure Film Festival is a big one for the group. It’s the first time attendees will interact with their outdoor heroes. And it’s also a year in which the festival has the most films by, or about women, that it’s ever had.

The 5Point Film Festival announced the festivities for the April festival


This year, there is a larger amount of films directed by women. About ten women are showing their films at the event, when typically that number is about two or three.


5Point Film executive director Sarah Wood says that it is a good sign for the outdoor film industry.

5Point Film Festival Aspen brings changes

Jan 20, 2016
Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio

When Julie Kennedy started the 5 Point Film festival almost a decade ago, she created something that she loved and cared for. It was her baby. But the event tonight in Aspen will be her last. She’s handing the reigns to Sarah Wood, the festival’s executive director.


Local filmmaker wins awards, takes film on the road

Apr 24, 2015
Valerie Perry

Pete McBride has had an invigorating last few months. He’s been on the road with his film, “Delta Dawn,” about his journey down the Colorado River, and seeing its waters meet the ocean for the first time in decades. McBride’s film has garnered several awards. He talks with Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher about the feedback he’s gotten from moviegoers and film festivals.


CrossCurrents - 5 Point Film Festival

Apr 22, 2015

Today on CrossCurrents, 5 Point Film is Thursday-Sunday in Carbondale. Guests are the Executive Director of 5 Point Film, Sarah Wood and climber Jeff Lowe along with Connie Self, producer of Jeff's biopic, Metanoia. The Line

Carbondale’s Five Point Film Festival is in Aspen this weekend. The non profit will screen 9 short films at the Wheeler Opera House on Saturday. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen spoke to one of the film’s main characters. Oregon-based Frank Moore is a WWII veteran and avid fly fisherman.

5 Point Shows First Feature-Length Patagonia Film

Apr 24, 2014

  What happens when an outdoor clothing company makes a film? Fish, dams, and a conservation message are front and center. The movie is titled DamNation, and shows in Carbondale this weekend at the Five Point Film Festival. It’ll be the first showing in Colorado.