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Aspen Art Museum

Courtesy Aspen Art Museum

Project presentations for the conclusion of Aspen Art Museum’s Artist Fellowship will be held virtually on Thursday, with the program's four artist fellows presenting their work online.

Aspen Art Museum

The Aspen Art Museum has announced that Nicola Lees will take over as Nancy and Bob Magoon director.

Lees takes the place of Heidi Zuckerman, who served as director from 2005 until late last summer.


Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

A new space at the Aspen Art Museum aims to help people of all ages learn about contemporary art.

Elizabeth Strunk is the school, youth and family programs manager at the Aspen Art Museum. She says the Learning Lab on the museum's main floor is designed to be welcoming and educational.


"What we want this space to be," she said, "is a place where everybody can gain the knowledge and learn about at least one exhibition in the museum."

Aspen Art Museum

Art meets mindfulness at the Aspen Art Museum this weekend when Roaring Fork Insight leads an event that uses contemporary art as a jumping-off point for meditation. 

Lisa Goddard founded the organization, which works to bring mindfulness practices to the community. 

Nick Ketpura

On a busy day at the Aspen Art Museum, a line of people stand outside the ten-by-ten foot stainless steel cube that houses “Where The Lights In My Heart Go,” by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Kusama’s Infinity Rooms use mirrors and pinholes of light to create the illusion of an expansive, immersive space.


Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio


In the center of the Aspen Art Museum gallery that houses Oscar Murillo's “Social Altitude,” giant black canvases are strewn around the floor. It's a work called “The Institute of Reconciliation” that Murillo says takes its cue from human migration. 

Courtesy Aspen Art Museum


As a young boy, artist Abraham Cruzvillegas saw improvisation all around him in the architecture of the Mexico City neighborhood where he grew up; people built houses from whatever materials happened to be available. 


Cruzvillegas' new interactive exhibit "Hi, How are you, Gonzo?", now open at the Aspen Art Museum, celebrates found objects, creativity and play.  

the artist

Two new exhibits open at the Aspen Art Museum Wednesday. 

Artist Rashid Johnson is best known for work that includes collage, painting and sculpture.  His solo exhibition, “The Hikers,” also has a new element of performance, a choreographed dance, along with his existing visual work. 


Aspen Art Museum

Richard Carter worked as Bauhaus master Herbert Bayer’s studio assistant in the 1970s.

Carter will speak about working with Bayer, who he calls the greatest graphic artist of the 20th century, Tuesday at the Aspen Art Museum.  


Bayer had a hand in many different projects in Aspen, designing the Aspen Institute campus, posters and buildings for the Aspen Skiing Company and commercial art for local organizations.



Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

In a new exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum, viewers have to be careful not to step on the art. “The Discipline of the Cave” by Mexican artist Gabriel Rico asks them to engage different senses.

Architect John Patkau helped design the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, British Columbia. On Thursday, he’ll present on the challenges and rewards of developing iconic buildings in resort towns at the Aspen Art Museum, which has faced its own share of pushback from residents.

Gesi Schilling

A talk at the Aspen Art Museum Thursday explores the growing influence of online galleries in the art world.  

The Aspen Art Museum opens two new exhibits Thursday.  

The exhibition “Zombies: Pay Attention!” takes up the entire lower level of the art museum.  It features works by 24 artists, all tied in some way to the idea of a zombie apocalypse.


Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

As more children are diagnosed with autism nationwide, one sector working to respond is the arts community. Here in the Roaring Fork Valley, Ascendigo Autism Services has partnered with the Carbondale Clay Center, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and the Aspen Art Museum to provide workshops or special performances for kids with sensory disabilities. This is all the more important because of the isolation many of those living with autism experience.

the artists and Galerie Perrotin

A new exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum blends sculpture and performance, and engages its audience outside the museum. A display case containing a polished aluminum megaphone sits on the sidewalk. Every day at noon, a man takes out the megaphone and shouts, “It’s never too late to say sorry.” Arts and culture reporter Christin Kay attended the first performance and found that the piece is garnering applause and evoking thought.

Aspen Art Museum

Thursday is the last day for local artists to apply for a new fellowship at the Aspen Art Museum.  

Aspen Art Museum

The Aspen Art Museum is marking the third iteration of its yearlong exhibit "Ritual" Tuesday night with an event called a "sound bath." It’s part concert, part meditation.

Walker Art Center

On Sunday, attendees are invited to bring their appetites to a performance art installation at the Aspen Art Museum.  

Max Lakner /

A new fashion collection commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum will be on display Monday night. Artist Cheryl Donegan’s garments are inspired by New York City street art.  

Artist Tyler Sean Makes His Aspen Debut

Jun 29, 2018
Tyler Sean

Artist Tyler Sean’s show “a collection of pretty things” is currently on display at the Aspen Art Gallery. Sean wants to challenge the way viewers interpret art.

Tyler Sean, a twenty-three year old from South Florida, started his career in his parent’s basement. He was recently named the “best rising artist” in 2017 from Art Basel Miami. He makes his Aspen debut this weekend.

Sean mixes mediums and combines what he calls “unlike things.” He says he wants his art to force his viewers to perceive in a different way.


Timothy Schenk / The artist and Hauser & Wirth

A new exhibit opens on the rooftop of the Aspen Art Museum on Thursday.  

Aspen Historical Society

A traveling exhibition about Ute culture is making its way around the Western slope, and a Ute drumming demonstration will be held in Aspen this weekend. They both provide an opportunity to learn about the tribe's past and present.

Courtesy, The Aspen Art Museum.

Architecture might be the most accessible art form. Not everyone goes to a concert, or even sees a painting every day, but nearly everyone experiences building design.

On Thursday, the Aspen Art Museum hosts PechaKucha Night. Local architects and designers will share their work in a 20-by-20 format: 20 images displayed for 20 seconds each.

Anne Collier, Aura (Baldessari) / The Artist and Anton Kern Gallery

The second phase of Aspen Art Museum’s year-long exhibit ‘Ritual’ opens this week.  The museum celebrated with a changeover event related to the work of one of the artists on display.  

Christin Kay

Several current and upcoming art exhibitions in the Roaring Fork Valley are focused on the work of female artists. In Aspen, the Bird’s Nest Gallery has just opened a show called "Rise." The Art Base in Basalt has a group photography show called "Body of Work," featuring three young women raised in the Roaring Fork Valley. The Aspen Art Museum is also highlighting women this summer.

In honor of Women's History Month, museums and universities around the world invite people to add entries on female artists to Wikipedia. Locals can join in on Thursday at the Aspen Art Museum.  

Metzly Esparza / Aspen Art Museum

On Sunday, the Aspen Art Museum will host an afternoon of activities entirely in Spanish. 

Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth is a German artist who began as a painter and musician before transitioning into photography. His series on Israel and Palestine is currently on display in full for the first time at the Aspen Art Museum. As he tells arts and culture reporter Claire Woodcock, the collection is the result of six trips he made to the area between 2009 and 2014.

Week in the Arts: January 29, 2018

Jan 29, 2018

Wednesday, Aspen Snowmass will be celebrating the local athletes heading to PyeongChang to compete in the 2018 winter Olympics. This event will take place at the Gondola Plaza in Aspen at 3:30.