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Aspen Ideas Festival 2019

Many experts argue that massive government mobilization on the scale of World War II deployment is needed to address the catastrophe of climate change. Such is the scope of the Green New Deal, a policy calling for 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, universal health care, living wages, and jobs guarantees.

Aspen Ideas Festival

Join two of the country’s most prominent rural voices — the authors of acclaimed but thoroughly different memoirs of growing up in rural American communities. They’ll address the similarities and differences between the experiences and their resulting outlooks, what they think urban Americans get wrong about our rural people and places, and how they are using their platforms to address some of the most complex challenges that rural communities face today.  

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In resort communities, the pressure to be, or, at least appear, happy can make some people less likely to talk about feeling depressed or lonely.  Therapist and author Lori Gottlieb encourages people to be honest about the fact that life’s not perfect.

Her new book “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone” details her experiences working with four of her patients.

The Aspen Ideas Health conference has a new series of discussions that focus on local issues.

It kicks off with a look at the Roaring Fork Valley’s affordable housing crisis and its potential impacts on residents’ health.  


The other two discussions will explore the emotional toll of climate change and how to support the mental health of first responders.