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Aspen Pitkin County Airport

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

The pandemic took a heavy toll on Aspen’s tourism industry during the December holidays, usually the airport’s busiest time of year. In the two-week period around Christmas, the number of arriving passengers at Aspen-Pitkin County airport was down 53% from the year before. 

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Thursday night, Pitkin County commissioners discuss the future of Aspen-Pitkin County airport in a special meeting. They will review recommendations set forth in the final report from the ASE Vision Committee, an advisory group of experts and community members. 

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is now home to the shortest commercial flight in the nation offered by a major carrier. The flight from Eagle County Regional Airport to Aspen takes about 30 minutes and only exists as a temporary fix during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is receiving about $3.4 million in federal emergency funding. It is one of 49 airports across the state to receive a portion of nearly $367 million allocated to Colorado by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. The funding is part of the nationwide Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Airport Recommendations Depend On Pollution Mitigation, Cooperation From Airlines

Apr 15, 2020
Olivia Emmer / Aspen Journalism

The ASE Vision Committee will present its recommendations Thursday on the future of the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport to Pitkin County commissioners. The citizens committee recommends that the county widen the runway and build a new terminal — but only if the county is able to reduce noise and emissions in the process. Through the long process that led up to the committee’s recommendation, locals have complained about toxic smells, roaring engines and carbon emissions.

Aspen Pitkin County Airport / Facebook

The Aspen Pitkin County Airport is a primary way residents and visitors travel to and from the Roaring Fork Valley. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the airport is taking steps to keep travelers and workers safe. 

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Last week, the Aspen Pitkin County airport unveiled a series of upgrades just in time to accommodate holiday travelers.

Airport administrators moved their offices across the street, making way for 109 new seats in the lounge and expanded floor space. In hopes of easing traffic congestion, the airport also added 100 new parking spaces and a cell phone waiting lot.

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

It can be hard to find parking in Aspen, much less cheap parking. But some people looking for an inexpensive place to leave their car for the day found a way around feeding the meters in town. Just a few minutes down the road, people found cheaper parking at Aspen-Pitkin County airport.

But now, the airport is bumping up rates to discourage people from using the parking lot for the day.

Aspen Pitkin County Airport / Twitter

Local firefighters will be putting out stimulated fires at the Aspen Pitkin County Airport until Saturday.

These drills are staged every year to test the skills of local firefighters for aircraft fires and emergency situations. For the first time, the public is invited to watch a drill on Wednesday, September 18 at 3 p.m. at the Airport Operations Center.

Officials Look For Solutions To Airport Parking Jams

Jul 28, 2019
Piktin County


Officials are looking for solutions to packed parking lots at the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport.

Airport director John Kinney said there’s a shortage of about 120 spots at the Aspen airport, even after officials relocated rental cars and paved a dirt lot late last year. Officials say people who are not traveling are also using the airport’s long-term parking lot. 

Valley Round Up -Sept. 7, 2018

Sep 9, 2018

This week: The City of Aspen will build new offices, it’s up to the public to decide where, a look into life in the valley for the many undocumented workers, and the allure of the solo hike, even though we all know it’s dangerous.  

ASE Moves To Design Phase

Aug 22, 2018

  The Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners held their mid-year retreat Tuesday and got a full briefing from airport director John Kinney.

The Reporter Two Way: ACRA community updates

Apr 12, 2018
Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio News

  Each year, the Aspen Chamber Resort Association holds a community breakfast to look back at the winter season and forward to new business and tourism projects.

'Living with Wolves' exhibit highlights family, loyalty

Jan 16, 2018
Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio

This winter, the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project has launched public awareness campaign meant to familiarize Coloradans with wolves and garner enthusiasm for reintroducing wolves in the state. They’ve teamed up with the nonprofit Living with Wolves to bring a photo exhibition to a unique setting in Aspen.

Eagle Airport practices emergency response

Oct 19, 2017
Eagle County Regional Airport

The Eagle County Regional Airport held an emergency response drill on Wednesday. This happens once every three years. In a prepared scenario, 80 volunteers littered the runway, all with fake injuries. First responders then had to react.

Open house Monday for proposed airport expansion

Sep 24, 2017

Last month, Pitkin County released a report detailing the environmental impacts of proposed changes at the airport. The public can skip the 250-page document and learn about the project in person this week.

Airport expansion would damage wetlands, according to assessment

Aug 22, 2017
Courtesy of Pitkin County

The Pitkin County Board of Commissioners heard an update Tuesday about the potential environmental impacts from a proposed expansion at the airport.

  The busy summer months in the upper valley are coming to an end. News director Carolyn Sackariason has been digging into summer occupancy numbers for both Aspen and Snowmass. She discusses them with producer Christin Kay.

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The Reporter Two-Way: FAA restricts ASE runway

Aug 3, 2017

  This summer, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made a ruling that will result in longer delays at the Aspen Pitkin County Airport.

App brings ASE-DIA flights to fingertips

Jul 31, 2017
Courtesy Photo/Blackbird

Beginning Aug. 7, travelers looking to fly between Denver and Aspen can use an app to book a seat on a chartered plane.

Airport open house to reveal environmental impacts

Jan 18, 2017
Courtesy of Pitkin County

The results are in from an environmental analysis of the proposed expansion of the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. The public has a chance to learn more Thursday evening.

Lines of jets mark busy season at airport

Jan 2, 2017
Aspen Public Radio News

A busy holiday season in Aspen had more people than ever moving through the airport.

Mountain Edition - December 29, 2016

Dec 29, 2016

On this week’s Mountain Edition, hosts Alycin Bektesh and Elizabeth Stewert Severy present a compilation of the week’s news.

ASE hires 50 for snow safety

Dec 26, 2016
Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio News

The week between Christmas and New Year's is one of the busiest of the year at the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport. And, due to weather, it’s also one of the most dangerous.

Airport baggage screening system to be updated

Nov 21, 2016
Aspen Public Radio


The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is improving its baggage screening system by enlarging the conveyor belt used to screen bags once they’re checked in.

Terminal designs for expanded airport released

Sep 30, 2016
Courtesy of Pitkin County

Pitkin County officials hosted an open house last night to present the latest iteration of conceptual plans for an expanded airport. Carolyn Sackariason has more.


Valley Roundup 3-25-16

Mar 25, 2016

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

Airport will see increased law enforcement presence

Mar 23, 2016

The presence of law enforcement will be constant at the Aspen Pitkin County Airport for the near future. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason has the details.

Just like many places around the country, security is being beefed up at Sardy Field in response to Monday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo says he was asked by John Kinney, the airport’s director, to provide a deputy on site. The sheriff says an armed officer will be at the airport from the time it opens to the time it closes — for at least the next few days.

Aspen City Council weighs in on Airport EA

Mar 22, 2016
Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio

Aspen Pitkin County Airport Director John Kinney told City Council on Tuesday that it’s important to reach out to all interested parties prior to launching an environmental assessment required for a terminal expansion.

Elise Thatcher

The Aspen Pitkin County Airport is working on an Environmental Assessment of a new runway and terminal. The airport plan has been through several rounds of comment and review.