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Basalt Master Plan

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Basalt is getting closer to updating its master plan, a community vision that guides the town's leadership in making decisions about land use and development. Wednesday night, residents got to throw in their chips, literally, with some ideas gleaned from previous community outreach and stakeholder meetings.

Basalt Chamber of Commerce

Basalt is updating its Master Plan, the document that guides land-use decisions.


On Tuesday, the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission will meet with the firm it hired to figure out what residents want the Master Plan to say.

Residents Can Weigh In On Basalt Master Plan

May 8, 2019
Basalt Chamber of Commerce

Mid-valley residents can weigh in on Basalt’s Master Plan again Thursday. The second of three open houses on Basalt's master plan is being held at the high school tonight.


The master plan is the community’s mission statement.


It outlines the priorities and values of its residents, which then informs decisions the town government makes, like how much building it’ll allow, and where it’ll allow it.