Chip Griffith/Courtesy Photo

Firefighters working the Middle Mamm fire south of Rifle were dangerously interrupted Tuesday. A drone was spotted flying overhead. 

“Someone with a drone flew into the temporary flight restriction and the air space over the Middle Mamm Fire,” said Public Information Officer Lynn Lockwood.  “This is dangerous for our pilots and it means they have to shut down operations so it’s a big problem for us.”


The Rifle-Garfield County Airport is building a new drone-training facility, the first space in Colorado devoted to researching using drones to fight wildfires.

Colorado's Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (CoE) is part of the state’s Department of Public Safety.


It's interested in using drones to assist in prescribed burns and night firefighting operations.



Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife


Law enforcement officers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) say they’re seeing more hunters using drones to track wildlife. 

Boulder Drone Program May Give State Edge

May 30, 2013
Courtesy University of Colorado Boulder

The FAA is expected to decide whether to allow people to fly drones in certain parts of Colorado. That would be in a proposed FAA test site in this state... and it’s part of a larger effort to better understand whether the remote controlled, unmanned planes can be safely used in the airspace above communities - like airplanes or other aircraft.