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Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Courtesy Photo / City of Glenwood Springs

Tourist attractions in Glenwood Springs were given the stamp of approval by the state to open Monday, June 8, including Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Iron Mountain Hot Springs

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Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park sits on Iron Mountain, above Glenwood Springs. It’s easy to pick up on its vintage, Western look. The main plaza looks like the set of a John Wayne movie. What might be harder to pick up on is its small contingent of international workers.

Glenwood Springs Approves New Hot Springs Development

Oct 16, 2014

The Glenwood Springs City Council has given a thumbs up for another hot springs development. The proposal came from owners of an amusement park attraction. Glenwood Springs currently has one hot springs-- named the same as the town and about as old. In last night’s meeting, city council members pushed for explanation on some of the details, but overall were enthusiastic about adding a second hot springs development for the town.