Middle Mamm Fire

Chip Griffith/Courtesy Photo

Firefighters working the Middle Mamm fire south of Rifle were dangerously interrupted Tuesday. A drone was spotted flying overhead. 

“Someone with a drone flew into the temporary flight restriction and the air space over the Middle Mamm Fire,” said Public Information Officer Lynn Lockwood.  “This is dangerous for our pilots and it means they have to shut down operations so it’s a big problem for us.”

Chip Griffith / Courtesy Photo

12:20 p.m. October 7 - More Resources Used To Suppress Middle Mamm Fire

Firefighters are focusing efforts on constructing and improving containment lines in all areas that threaten private property. Authorities say fire managers will use retardant, bucket drops, and other direct and indirect tactics to suppress the fire’s movement.

Recent winds have been predominantly from the southwest, pushing the fire north. On the southern sections, crews are focusing efforts to suppress sections adjacent to private properties. Officials say they will not put firefighters at risk to suppress fire that remains on National Forest System Lands. 

Middle Mamm Fire / Facebook

A public meeting will be held Tuesday evening to update the public on the progress of the Middle Mamm Fire. 

The Upper Colorado River Fire and Aviation Management Unit said the meeting will address fire management strategies, and allow the public to ask fire managers and forest service officials questions.