Rio Grande Recycling Center

City of Aspen

Aspen is taking over the Rio Grande Recycle Center from Pitkin County in August.

A recent survey suggests overwhelmingly Aspenites want it to stay open. What services it’ll provide and what that will cost is uncertain.

City council will discuss the results Monday.



Aspen Seeks Input On Rio Grande Recycling

Mar 20, 2019

Aspen wants input on the Rio Grande Recycling Center.


The future of the Rio Grande Recycling Center was called into question at a city work session on Monday.

Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio

Colorado’s top recycling experts are gathering in Snowmass Village this week to discuss solutions for Colorado’s recycling challenges.

A bear of a problem at Aspen's recycling center

Sep 26, 2017
Carolyn Sackariason / Aspen Public Radio

Bear activity in downtown Aspen is at an all time high this fall, and officials are urging people to secure their trash. Bad human behavior at the recycling center on Rio Grande Place is proving to be a challenge for Liz Chapman, who is the city’s waste reduction and environmental health specialist. Each morning, she picks up garbage that bears got into. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason joined her to talk about the problem.