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Rocky Mountain Industrials

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Garfield County recently adopted a new set of regulations that could be applied to mining projects. The new rules – called 1041 regulations – could shape the development of the controversial Rocky Mountain Industrials (formerly Rocky Mountain Resources) expansion near Glenwood Springs. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Glenwood Springs officials held a virtual forum Wednesday to inform the public of a new review timeline for Rocky Mountain Industrials' expansion proposal. The Bureau of Land Management announced last week it will delay starting the review process for the expansion until 2021. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance filed a lawsuit Monday against the Bureau of Land Management, arguing the federal agency has failed to regulate mining activity at the Mid-Continent Quarry outside of Glenwood Springs.

The lawsuit claims the Bureau of Land Management has allowed Rocky Mountain Industrials, the operator of the Mid-Continent Quarry, to mine and sell certain types of limestone that are not allowed under the company’s federal permit.