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Corey Simpson / Thunder River Theatre

The play “Tribes” opens at Carbondale’s Thunder River Theatre Company Thursday.  The main character is a deaf man, finding his identity in a family of hearing people.

Corey Simpson is the executive artistic director of Thunder River Theater and the director of “Tribes.” While researching the play, he picked up his phone to call the artistic director of a deaf theatre in Denver.  

"I set my phone down, and I almost immediately realized I had no idea how I would have a phone call with somebody who’s deaf," he said.


Renee Prince / VOICES

Twelve local women banded together to create an original performance that opens in Carbondale on Friday.

The production highlights their stories and calls attention to a gender gap in the performing arts.

Twenty percent of the plays produced in the U.S. over the past three years were written by women.  



Thunder River Theatre

Thunder River Theatre Company’s production of “Kimberly Akimbo” opens Friday. It’s a dark comedy about a teenage girl whose rare genetic illness causes her body to age faster than it should.

Director Sue Lavin admits that Kimberly Akimbo might seem like a downer to audiences at first glance. The play tackles mortality and family dysfunction.  


Thunder River Theatre Company

“Equus” is the story of Alan Strang, a teenage boy who cuts the eyes from six horses. The provocative play opens Friday at Carbondale’s Thunder River Theatre Company.

Courtesy of Thunder River Theatre Company

The Thunder River Theatre Company has been nominated for four Henry Awards, Colorado’s highest honors for theater productions.