Underwriting and Corporate Support on Aspen Public Radio

Aspen Public Radio provides a variety of opportunities for businesses and other organizations to support the station, including regularly scheduled on-air underwriting announcements, corporate sponsorships for special live broadcasts, and select sponsorships such as the winter Ski Report and summer River Report.

Support from underwriters on Aspen Public Radio is a key component of the annual operating funds that the station relies on to continue to provide quality programming. In turn, businesses and organizations who underwrite have the opportunity to receive on-air recognition in a clutter-free, non-commercial environment.

Public radio research has shown that public radio listeners have positive associations with corporate sponsors and underwriters. Listeners appreciate and support organizations and businesses that support their local public radio station. And, results of the recent 2013 NPR Underwriting Research project demonstrated that underwriters continue to receive a “halo effect” from public media sponsorships. In other words, the trust that listeners have for their public radio station transfers to the companies that sponsor the stations.

For more information on how you can support the station’s programming and be recognized for it on the air, please contact Sales Director Debbie Welden.

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