Collaboration brings Carbondale artists to Red Brick

Aug 31, 2015

Jill Scher (left) holds one of her fiber art pieces while she chooses where to hang it.
Credit Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio

Just like any other month, the Red Brick Center for the Arts is opening a new gallery in the former school building. But instead of artists banding together under one creative theme, these artists all have studios at the Third Street center in Carbondale.


Red Brick Executive Director Angie Callen says the show will help nurture the Valley arts community. There isn’t much crossover between the art scenes in each town.

“For Aspen and Carbondale to come together and start mixing our audiences together is really good,” says Callen.


This is only the second time a show at the Red Brick has shown artwork exclusively from artists working out of the Third Street Center.


The exhibit includes photography, prints, painting and fiber art - things made with yarn or other stringy materials.


Artist Jill Scher stitches small pieces of felt together. They become mobiles that hang from the ceiling, or cloth jars on pedestals. She is one of the artists in the show and says it will allow down-valley artists to display their work in a different environment.


“It’s really great that we can have this venue up here, and that the Red Brick is open to it," says Scher. "It gives us a stronger presence in Aspen.”


The show runs through the end of September.