Comedy festival ups the laugh-factor

Nov 1, 2016

Wheeler executive director Gena Buhler said the Aspen community has enjoyed the Laff Festival over the last 6 years, but they’ve been itching for more. So she appealed to Aspen City Council to increase the budget for the winter event.

“This community wants bigger names. They love comedy,” said Buhler. “But we need a little more money if we are going to live up to everyone's standards and their expectations, and I hope with the lineup this year we were able to do that.”


This year’s additional $125,000 allocation from the real estate transfer tax that funds Wheeler programing has allowed for four nights of star headliners. Comediennes Whitney Cummings and Margaret Cho, Saturday Night live veteran Kevin Nealon and newcomer Adam Devine will all be taking the stage during the event, Feb. 21-25. The festival commences with a local’s open mic night, and other Colorado talent will fill out the opening acts.