Lawmakers discussed ways to assist young farmers

Oct 9, 2017

Merrill Johnson of Merrill's Family Farm is one of many young farmers in the Roaring Fork Valley.

State lawmakers met on Friday to discuss how to promote and help young farmers.


Legislators are trying to consolidate all the information on loans, state and federal resources, and other help into one single location to make it easier. Nathan Weathers owns Weathers Family Farms in Yuma. He said the biggest thing Colorado could do is improve amenities that young farmers want.  




“Such as pools, shopping.,” Weathers said. “I think overall lifestyle is a big part of it. A lot of families, sometimes it’s hard to get that spouse to move back when the closest Walmart or Target is two hours away.”


During an earlier hearing people testified that the start up costs, such as equipment and land are so high that it makes it difficult for new young people to enter the profession.