Council members fundraise for Mobility Lab project

Dec 21, 2017

City of Aspen officials are working on raising $5 million for an experiment to improve transportation without adding traffic lanes or parking spots.
Credit Courtesy of www.aspencommunityvoice.com

Aspen City Council and staff are doubling down on fundraising efforts for a major transportation study.


The Aspen Mobility Lab is a large-scale experiment that will look at how to improve transportation without adding traffic lanes and parking spots. City staff worked with consultants on a design for the project, which was presented to council earlier this month. Now, the focus shifts to money.


“The whole focus for this month is can we fundraise? And then, if so, can we pair that money with the plan and press go?” said Ashley Perl, who is heading up the project for the city.


The total cost for the mobility lab is estimated between $5 to $7 million. Perl said Mayor Steve Skadron and council member Adam Frisch are in California this week asking for money from private companies in the technology, transportation and telecom industries.

City council meets in mid-January to discuss the scope and cost of the project.