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Airport Design Guidelines

Pitkin County

If, or more likely when, the Aspen airport chooses to make improvements to the airport terminal the construction will need to follow a new set of design guidelines.  Following the rollout of the airports master plan last year a committee of residents met to ensure than any changes meet certain criteria.   APR's Roger Adams reports.

George Newman is a Pitkin County Commissioner.

“The guidelines look at exterior, landscaping, facades of the building, heights of the building that will fall into place with our community character and the values we hold important.”

Newman says the airport is a critical component to the economy of Aspen and the county.  Studies have concluded that improvements will be needed in coming years to keep up with what travelers expect of an airport.  Still, Newman says adoption of the guidelines by the Board of County Commissioners doesn’t mean any construction is planned:

“Nothing is planned at this point, we’re still processing through the master plan, through the guidelines and we have one more study we’re doing right now in terms of looking at the impact of future aircraft.”

Airport Director Jim Elwood says the current terminal is a challenge to operations of the airport.  The design guidelines balance the need for upgrades with the aesthetic desires of the community.

“Its really a very positive step.  I hope the community finds some comfort that we put in place a process that we would utilize and make sure that we really do follow it.  It’s a very definitive process that we would go through.”

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