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RFSD Test Scores Up

Roger Adams

  Students in the Roaring Fork School District showed improvement on statewide tests in areas the district had focused additional attention to.  The results of Colorado assessment tests were released yesterday.

One big area of improvement this year for mid and down-valley schools was for students who are learning English as a second language.  On a test given to English learners the district jumped from 39th percentile to the 67th percentile.  District Chief Academic Officer Rob Stein says the there is a gap between the progress in education for native English speakers and students who are just learning English

“We and all districts in the state have an achievement gap and we identified early last year the importance of doing more to support our English-language learners.  And, of course through our strategic planning process that surfaced as a commitment to providing differentiated support.”

Another area of improvement was in third grade reading.  With the exception of Crystal River Elementary School the district is above the state average in reaing skills for third graders.  Reading proficiency by the third grade is a major marker for determining how well students will do in their next grades.  Roaring Fork School District Superintendent Diana Sirko says the TCAP test scores also showed improvement across the district in math.

“For the most part the message was a positive one about mathematics and the efforts that we’re doing and we’re continuing to refine and improve our programs, particularly at the secondary level in mathematics.”

The TCAP tests are transitional and will soon be replaced with a new type of test.  That fact somewhat reduces the value of these results as a tool for making academic changes.  When the new tests are used the district will need to adapt to what the exams are measuring.  TCAP scores for each district and each individual school are HERE.


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