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Aspen housing Board releases “non-issue” memo

Elise Thatcher

Officials say there's nothing illegal going on with how a local affordable housing program is being governed. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher was at last night’s Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority meeting and has this story, and a full copy of the memo.

The Board of Directors of the housing authority gathered last night in City Hall, for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. But the first matter was not on the agenda. Board members went into an executive session in order to get legal advice on a recently leaked memo. Written in 2012, it details how the Board has lost much of its governing power to the Aspen City Manager's office.


With doors closed to the public, board members consulted Aspen City attorney Jim True, not APCHA's own legal advisor. Afterwards, the Board officially released the memo to the public.

APCHA Executive Director Mike Kosdrosky says contrary to some opinions, it does not reveal illegal activity. "There’s no smoking gun there,” said Kosdrosky after the meeting had adjourned. “There’s just no ‘there’ there, so to speak.”

This week Kosdrosky spoke with the attorney who wrote the memo in 2012, and says she agreed the memo did not reveal illegal activity. "Her concern was the fact that an attorney-client privileged memo was leaked in the first place,” says Kosdrosky. APCHA's Board Chair also stated last night that the memo is a non issue, both now and when reviewed before. Click here to read the full memo.

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