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Aspen principal says school turmoil is one reason for her departure


The embattled principal at Aspen High School has resigned. Kim Martin announced her departure to students and parents on Tuesday. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen reports.

Martin’s  three years with the district haven’t been easy. Last year she received a vote of no confidence from a group representing teachers. And her staff has filed grievances over a lack of evaluations and a changed student’s grade. She says these situations are contributing to her decision to leave.

"It hasn’t been that easy. There have definitely been challenges. So, that’s one of many factors, but not by far the most contributing factor," she says.

In an email addressed to parents, Martin explained she’s leaving to pursue her doctorate in Urban Education and Policy Studies. She says she’s excited to pursue professional opportunities in a metropolitan area.

Reporter: "Was Aspen too rural for you?"

Martin: "You could say that. It’s certainly rural, though it is cosmopolitan. I’m just used to living in an environment with street vendors, shopping malls, train stations and lots of hustle and bustle."

She’s moving back east, she says, for many reasons including the recent death of a brother and her mother’s deteriorating health. Martin grew up in poverty and prior to coming to Aspen, worked in schools in tough neighborhoods. She’d like to return to such districts.

Martin’s last day is June 30th. The District is posting the open position with state and national organizations, with the hope a new principal will start next school year.