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Myrin bests Ireland in Aspen City Council runoff election



Voters have chosen a winner for Aspen’s last City Council seat. Bert Myrin handily won in a runoff election that ended Tuesday night. In preliminary results, Myrin snagged 65% to Mick Ireland's 34%.

Aspen has 6214 registered voters, with only 1989 voting in the election. Of the latter, 1305 voted for Myrin, and 684 for Ireland.


Both men rallied residents to pass a city charter amendment on the May ballot that limits certain kinds of development. Aspen City Council decided earlier this week to formally integrate those limits into its land use code. Exceptions of 2 feet in height, or 5% in floor area ratio, are no longer allowed without a public vote.


More details on the election results can be found by clicking here.


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