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Pedestrians flee as cars collide on Aspen's Main Street

Police say a car accident that happened at one of Aspen’s busiest intersections could have been much worse. 

Just before noon Monday a four-door Audi sedan collided with a full-size pickup truck at the corner of Mill and Main Streets downtown. The truck was attempting to turn left onto Mill when the Audi ran a red light, smashed into the truck and sent it spinning upright. The impact sent the Audi up the curb. It stopped just shy of the entrance to ANB Bank.

Grant Henley was across the street when the crash happened.

"Her car (Audi) careened to the right," he says. "She was going very fast. She almost hit about ten pedestrians - they dove out of the way."

Aspen Police Officer Robert Schafer responded to the accident.

"There were pedestrians in that intersection," he says. "From our investigation we found that people were able to quickly get out of the way so they didn’t get run over. We’re just very fortunate that a pedestrian did not get injured in this accident."

Both drivers were taken to Aspen Valley Hospital. One block of Main was closed to traffic for less than an hour. The crash is under investigation, with the Audi’s speed possibly being a factor.