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Pan & Fork developer: Park is great, but we need square footage estimate

Town of Basalt

  Basalt officials are looking at what kind of park to have on the Pan and Fork property, and how much it could cost. The developer interested in building on the parcel supports the approach, but says he needs a key detail ironed out.

Basalt staff are reviewing different options for how the park could look, and what amenities to have. Voters will likely decide this spring on whether to pay for those elements and some of the land. The total cost could be up to $6 million.

A public-private partnership means there would be some development on the remaining section of the pan and fork parcel. Developer Jim deFrancia is President of Lowe Enterprises, and says nailing down the open space design is a good idea. But his company does need to know sooner rather than later about how much space will be available for building. “It’s a waste of money and time for everyone’s part to, for example, start drawing up a 75,000 square foot development,” said deFrancia this week, “only to find out later that they’ll accept 55,000 or as little as 35,000.”

Deciding how much square footage to develop has been a contentious issue in Basalt. DeFrancia says he’s hoping to hear the guidelines in the next thirty days. Town Council is expected to consider the park design and cost in early January.

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