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County charges effectively done for former postal worker

Aspen Police Department

Law enforcement and a local attorney have cut a deal for a troubled postal worker. 57-year-old Mauro Emilio Pennini is being held in a federal immigration center in Denver, where he’s in the process of being deported.


Pennini was caught this summer with knives, a handgun, ammunition and handcuffs at the Aspen post office, where he was an employee. Aside from being on federal property, Pennini wasn’t supposed to have a firearm because of a restraining order.

The event prompted federal and local charges. The federal ones were resolved Monday, when a judge sentenced Pennini to the amount of time he’d already spent in jail in exchange for being deported.

While Pennini waiting for deportation, Pitkin County charges remain for violating a restraining order, harassment and domestic violence. But Pennini will likely never go before a judge on those matters. “I reached an agreement with the DA’s office that upon notification of his deportation, the cases would be dismissed,” says attorney Richard Nedlin.

Just in case, court dates for the County charges are being scheduled for after Nedlin is expected to be shipped out of the country. “The alleged victim really had no interest in either of the cases being prosecuted,” continues Nedlin. “She was more concerned about him being deported.” That’s expected to take six to eight weeks.


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