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Carbondale Farmer’s Market could see changes

Elise Thatcher

  Local food organizers are tackling a burning question about the Carbondale Farmer’s market. They’re looking at whether there is a way to change the time or extend when it’s open.

For several years the market has been open in the middle of the day on Wednesdays. Gwen Garcelon is Director of the Roaring Fork Food Policy Council, which aims to increase local food production. She says it’s common to hear people saying the current time doesn’t work, but there’s a lot of factors to keep in mind. “The growers, it needs to work in their schedules,” she said this week, “so if they’re harvesting on a certain day, and then there’s a market the next day, they can maybe do a double harvest, but maybe not.”

Garcelon and others want feedback from farmers and the Carbondale community on exactly when would be better, and whether other changes are preferred. The Roaring Fork Food Alliance is holding a gathering on the matter on February 18th in Carbondale at the Third Street Center.

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