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$1K left anonymously for PitCo official

An elected official in Pitkin County is trying to find out who left a thousand dollars in cash on her front gate earlier this month. Carolyn Sackariason reports.

County commissioner Patti Clapper returned from work one day to find an envelope addressed to “Pat C.” written on it and 10 $100 bills inside. The anonymous note said, “for past good deeds.”


She says her first reaction was she that wanted to throw up.

“We aren’t sure if it was out of the kindness of someone’s heart or if it was somebody who wanted to set me up for the appearance of impropriety; that I was taking a bribe," she says

Clapper contacted the Pitkin county manager and attorney, and took the cash to the Aspen Police Department, where it sits today.

If the donor comes forward and authorities are able to confirm that person left the cash — and wasn’t trying to bribe the Commissioner — Clapper says she will donate the money to a charity or nonprofit of her choice.


Carolyn Sackariason, Aspen Public Radio news.