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Valley Roundup 3-25-16

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.


A certain section of Glenwood Springs is feeling the effects of the Grand Avenue Bridge construction a lot sooner than expected.


In Aspen, school officials are considering naming buildings, classrooms and programs after donors to raise money in the face of budget cuts.

Group explores sale of naming rights for Aspen public schools

Aspen school board considers naming rights for donors

And two of the five school board members will have been appointed rather than elected once Bob Glah leaves is post.

School board to seek replacement in wake of Glah resignation

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office beefed up its presence at the Aspen airport in response to the terrorists attacks.

Airport will see increased law enforcement presence

With a memorial of legendary ski racer Bill Johnson being planned for next month, the World Cup finals in 2017 and the Nor Am races held earlier in March, Aspen still feels like a ski town.

One final downhill run for Bill Johnson


Bargain shoppers found some good deals when Clark’s Market in Aspen marked everything 50 percent off in the store before it closed for a 3-month remodel.

Clark’s Market shuts down for a full renovation

Finally, a local landlord is taking over what some consider to the epicenter of Snowmass.

Snowmass Center to change owners as of March 31

Joining me this week are Randy Essex, editor of the Glenwood Post Independent, Roger Marolt, columnist for the Aspen Times, Madeleine Osberger, contributing editor of the Aspen Daily News and Wendle Whiting, columnist for the Aspen Daily News.

Thanks to my guests for joining me this week. Valley Roundup is a production of Aspen Public Radio news.