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School board carefully crafting questions for naming rights proposal

The board of education for the Aspen school district wants to get it right when asking the community if naming rights to honor donors ought to become policy. Carolyn Sackariason reports.

School board members discussed yesterday how they should proceed with the idea of naming rights to honor donors in a public way. The proposal was first presented by the school district’s fundraising arm, the Aspen Education Foundation. The nonprofit is about to launch a public capital and endowment campaign.

But before that happens, the school board wants to know what the community thinks, and how and what they are ask is important. Board members plan to form a draft document of particular questions that could be asked in survey form.

John Maloy is superintendent of schools. He listened to the conversation among school board members yesterday. They voiced concern that survey questions have to be crafted in a particular way.

“I think what they realized is that they need to get together as a board and have more conversations about the ‘look for,'" he said. "What is it that they are truly asking of the community? What is it that they want in terms of information from the community? And not have too many questions.”   

Board members are thinking between three and five questions is appropriate.