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Attorney wants to create regional housing authority

Aspen Public Radio News

David Myler is an attorney in Basalt; he and his partner, Bill Lamont, are currently looking into creating a regional housing authority for the Roaring Fork Valley.

It would mean more taxes, but might also provide the money and know-how to deal with the valley’s growing housing shortage.


The land is too expensive, building costs are too much, and people aren’t making enough money. This is the housing quagmire the Roaring Fork Valley finds itself in.


“We’ve got a shortfall, serious shortfall,” Myler said.


Myler has worked in housing-related issues since he moved to the valley in the 1970s and thinks the creation of a Regional Housing Authority could be the missing financial piece of the valley’s housing woes. It could oversee housing issues throughout the valley. This is the premise Myler is beginning from: Housing is a valley-wide issue.




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