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Carbondale’s proposed City Market buying more time

Elise Thatcher

Last week, Carbondale town trustees granted the new City Market project a sixth extension.


Joel Starbuck,  a division real estate manager with City Market, compared the company’s corporate offices to a bank and said the bank wasn’t in a position to give  him more money right now. He wasn’t sure when money for the new store will become available, if at all.


To possibly explain the siphoning off of funds, Starbuck reminded the trustees of Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, which has large, corporate grocers, proceeding cautiously.


Starbuck asked for, and was granted, a 90-day extension, to buy himself more time. Trustee Frosty Marriott approved of the extension, but did intimate that the town hopes to see forward movement soon.


“At a certain point, we either have to fish or cut bait,” he said.  



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