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AMFS releases summer schedule

Courtesy, The Aspen Institute

The 68th year of the Aspen Music Festival and School will start in late June and run through August 21st.


This year, the school is adding a new element to its summer schedule. Performances of 20th century American classical music. According to Festival CEO Alan Fletcher, it’s a group of composers and pieces that are rarely performed.


The school will start working in three new rehearsal halls. The buildings were designed by local architect Harry Teague. He designed the Benedict Music Tent and Harris Concert Hall.


The school is also hosting a winter performance tonight with David Finckel and Wu Han.

Highlights of the festival year:

July 2 - A Special Event with Smokey Robinson

July 6 -  Antheil Archipelago, “Rhumba;” Korngold Violin Concerto, Aspen Philharmonic Orchestra, Blake Pouliot

August 12 - Mendelssohn's Overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

August 16 - Stravinsky's Violin Concerto in D major

You can see the entire schedule here.

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