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Colorado photographer Robert Castellino shares latest book with Aspen


Colorado photographer Robert Castellino will present his latest photo book, Colorado: Life and Light on the Land, Friday night. He said it was his own near death experience that brought his book to life.


Three months into rehabilitation, after doctors discovered massive blood clots in his lungs and legs, Castellino realized it had been six years since he’d published a book. This realization led him to pursue a photo book concept he’d been thinking of for quite some time.


The results culminated into Colorado: Life and Light on the Land, which explores the life this state’s landscape inspires and how lighting affects the outdoor scenery, from the deserts to the mountain ranges, from the plains to the cities.


“How much of it we share and enjoy together and then the importance of preservation of conservation of the natural landscape, the built environment, how to set appropriate boundaries in those places and to leave it, that legacy for our children and their children and seven generations if at all possible,” he said.


His book tour kicks off at the Pitkin County Library, courtesy of Explore Booksellers, Friday before he brings it back to the Front Range.


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