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AMFS and Americorps to bring five music teachers to valley

Elle Logan

A new partnership between the Aspen Music Festival and School (AMFS) and the AmeriCorps program has brought five music teachers to the valley.


This new relationship is providing funding, training and management for the new full-time teachers, who have come to the valley this fall under the ArtistYear fellowship program.

Margo Drakos is founder and CEO of ArtistYear, the new AmeriCorps program helping to expand arts education for adolescents. She said the Roaring Fork Valley is the first rural area in the country to work with these young educators.

“These individuals who have a deep passion for their artform have a chance to become stakeholders in their local communities through arts education and service," said Drakos.


Drakos anticipated local music teachers will benefit from having additional support in the classrooms, in addition to helping children develop into skilled musicians.

"...what if that one teacher had additional, essentially, full time dedicated support?" She contemplated. "Think of all the things that that individual can do.”

Three of the teachers are working in Basalt schools grades K-12. The other two fellows are teaching with AMFS’ AfterWorks program, which collaborates with schools from Aspen to Glenwood.


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