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Violinist Robert McDuffie, an Aspen Music Festival favorite, returns to play Harris Hall

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Photo courtesy of Aspen Music Festival and School
Violinist Robert McDuffie will take the stage at Harris Hall in Aspen on Wednesday evening.

Violinist Robert McDuffie might have taken a different career path.

When he was growing up in Macon, Georgia, he made the varsity basketball team. But he had begun learning the violin at age 6 at the urging of his musician mother.

One could say he became a varsity violinist instead, studying with the revered pedagogue Dorothy Delay and following her out to Aspen every summer.

McDuffie will give a Harris Hall recital with pianist Derek Wang Wednesday evening.

Featured on the program are the two rhapsodies for violin and piano by Bartók; the concert for violin, piano and string quartet by Chausson; and the violin sonata by Philip Glass.


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