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Green Dragon Marijuana Shop Could Change Hands

The City of Aspen’s local licensing authority will consider its first change of ownership application for a marijuana shop next month. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason reports.

A Denver man has applied to the city clerk’s office to potentially buy the Green Dragon on the Hyman Avenue Mall. The application says the buyer, Ryan Milligan, plans to invest $7.2 million dollars in the deal. It would be financed by a loan from Andrew Levine, also of Denver.

Getting local approval for a change in ownership is just one step in an arduous process required by the state. Ron Radtke, owner of the Green Dragon, declined to comment on the deal. He also would have to get approval from the state to sell his business.

“They have an appointment with the state. They go to the state. The state application requires the same information that we require. The state’s investigation is more thorough than a local investigation. We let the state do the heavy lifting.”

Milligan, who also declined to comment, owns Greenwerkz in Glenwood Springs. He holds more than a dozen retail and retail marijuana licenses elsewhere in the state. Milligan is scheduled to go before the licensing authority May 12th.

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