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Masks soon to be optional at the Aspen School District

Fatima Flores
The sun shines on fresh snow at the front entrance of Aspen High School on Thursday, one of the final days when students are required to wear masks in the building.

The mask mandate in Pitkin County will be lifted Tuesday.

And students in the Aspen School District will no longer be required to wear masks.

Halle Zander sat down with Aspen School District Superintendent Dave Baugh to talk about how this new ruling will impact the schools.

Interview with Dave Baugh, Superintendent of the Aspen School District

Zander also spoke with Fatima Flores, a junior at Aspen High School, about her response to the new regulations.

Flores occasionally speaks with Aspen Public Radio to share her perspective on news in the school district.

Interview with Fatima Flores, Junior at Aspen High School