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CAIC'S Avalanche Forecasters Can Help Guide Winter Travel

United States Forest Service
CBS Denver

Where there is snow, there could be avalanches, and Colorado receives a lot of snow. 

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center's, or CAIC, team of avalanche forecasters cover ten different zones across the state and forecast the chances of an avalanche occurring between early September and possibly early June.

The center forecasts avalanches within 28,000 square miles of backcountry and over 450 different areas on highways. 

Mike Cooperstein, a forecaster with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, said daily avalanche forecasts should be used as a tool by people who want to enjoy winter activities in possible avalanche areas. 

"What we want people to do is read the forecast, look at the danger, and attached with the danger reading there is travel advice, and then try to make better decisions on places where they should or shouldn't travel based on that advice," Cooperstein said.

For avalanche forecasts in any part of the state, visit www.Colorado.gov/avalanche