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Aspen's 2020 Budget To Increase Affordable Housing, New APCHA Technology

Elise Thatcher

The City of Aspen’s 2020 Budget is being discussed in city council before it’s finalized at the end of November. 

The city says the main goal of the budget is to increase the availability of affordable housing. One way they are doing that is through granting Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA) a $404,700 subsidy for a new software called HomeTrek. 

Pete Strecker, the finance director for the City of Aspen, said the software is going to streamline all of APCHA’s information. Current residents will be able to renew their contracts and interested residents can apply virtually. 

“So it’s kind of a system that has been absent. We haven’t had a very robust system over the years like this will be,” Strecker said. 

APCHA is also asking Pitkin County for a $404,700 subsidy to help launch HomeTrek, which is projected to roll out in December.