Aspen Writer/Former Money Manager Seeks Council Seat

Mar 9, 2015

Andrew Israel with Skier Bode Miller
Credit AspenSpin.com

A retired Wall Street money manager turned local writer is running for a seat on the Aspen City Council. Andrew Israel says is behind the website AspenSpin.com.  Israel says, if elected, his first plan of action will be to keep city council meetings from going into the early hours of the morning.

“I’m ready to be a man of action, I always have been and I always will be… and I feel like the political process in Aspen is a little bit stuck in the mud, right now. Hopefully, there is enough people who want to hear a different point of view.”

Israel says better efforts around zoning are also needed so all are treated fairly while balancing growth against what makes Aspen unique.  This is Israel’s first campaign for public office. Today is the deadline to submit petition signatures to run for City Council. Tomorrow, we’ll update you with all of the candidates who are vying for two open seats. The election is May 5th.