Basalt tries to reassure residents about Pan and Fork

Sep 29, 2015

A view of the Pan and Fork parcel from the northeast. Possible development would be further right, with open space ahead.
Credit Elise Thatcher

Basalt Town Council members want residents to know they haven’t made up their minds about the Pan and Fork land. Council members passed a formal resolution Tuesday night after residents started gathering signatures about what to do with the land.

The Pan and Fork parcel is more than two acres that include the banks of the Roaring Fork River. Some residents are worried that officials prefer allowing up to 75,000 square feet of development. “No one here was ever locked into 75,000 square feet,” said Council Member Herschel Ross. “We have hired our consultant to do an impact statement on various sizes, and what it means to our budget and our town. The reason we did that, is that we had not decided on any number.”

The financial review is expected in late October. The bigger development options on the table now include a hotel and townhomes, and petition organizers have said that’s a far cry from what the original visions were for the property, which included a community center.

Afterwards, Basalt’s leaders also decided to switch to a mail-in ballot election for next April. Several seats are up for election, and a ballot question is also possible, about whether the Town should purchase the Pan and Fork land.