Basalt's Pan And Fork Mobile Home Park Nearly Empty

Mar 26, 2014

In August, the Town of Basalt began relocating families living the Pan and Fork mobile home park. Now, just one family remains before the April 1st move-out deadline.
Credit www.ourtownplanning.org

The process of moving families out of Basalt’s Pan and Fork mobile home park is nearly complete. Just one family remains in the flood-prone neighborhood which will eventually become a public park. 

Since August, officials from the Town of Basalt have been working with families in the 38 homes, to help them find new housing. The Town purchased part of the trailer park in 2011 so it could redevelop it. Town Manager Mike Scanlon says more than 380 people were living in the park.

"So, you’re relocating a lot of people and there’s lots of different circumstances you’re trying to deal with, people who maybe rented a room or part of a room, or a part of a trailer or a trailer, so families came in all sizes and shapes," he says.

The Town offered the residents cash assistance.Still, some were unhappy with being kicked out. A group called Workers for Justice and Diversity in Basalt wanted replacement housing similar in size and price to the trailer park. The Town and the group came to a settlement without any legal action. The Town is sticking with its goal of having all of the trailers empty by April 1st.