Bears are back: Officials hope for more awareness

Apr 10, 2018

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want people to be "bear aware" to prevent black bears from developing habits like dumpster diving.
Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife

There have been several reports of bear activity near Aspen early this spring. Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) want humans to step up their bear awareness.



CPW district ranger Kurtis Tesch said the bears spotted near town likely are males who are not yet very hungry. But the habits they — and the humans they encounter — develop now will set the tone for the rest of the summer. So Tesch and others with CPW are encouraging people to contain garbage, move bird feeders out of reach and lock windows and doors.

“The same things apply now that apply in the middle of summer, because if they learn the behavior now, it can continue throughout the whole entire summer,” Tesch said.


Last year, CPW put down 19 bears in the upper Roaring Fork Valley. Tesch said he’d like to see that number drop.

In addition to bear awareness, Tesch said it’s critical, in the early spring, to keep pets on leashes and avoid closed trails to protect elk and deer during calving season.