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Carbondale Aims To Reduce Single-Use Plastics By 2030

Dec 18, 2019

The Town of Carbondale will start working to reduce the use and sales of single-use plastics over the next ten years. 

The town’s Board of Trustees is working with consulting company LBA Associates. The company will conduct research and public outreach in collaboration with PR Studios to draft a plan by July 2020. 

Dan Richardson, Carbondale’s mayor, says the company’s research will help focus the board’s efforts on things like reducing the use of plastic water bottles or looking at recycling methods.

“The board’s priority is, ‘Let’s do something that really has an impact.’ So we’re really trying to figure out what’s the best bang for the buck,” Richardson said. 

The mayor said it is an important issue to tackle, but it can be intimidating.

“The problem is so large and so with little ‘ol Carbondale, I think we’re trying to wrestle with is ‘What is it we want to accomplish?’” Richardson said.

The plan will cost the town about $40,000.