City Market asks Carbondale for a seventh extension

Aug 29, 2017

"Ernesto" in front of the proposed location for a new City Market in Carbondale.
Credit Elise Thatcher/Archives

  Kroger, the company that owns the City Market grocery chain, is planning a new grocery store in Carbondale. On Monday, the company was supposed to submit a handful of documents to the town. Instead it sent a letter, asking for a 150-day-extension.

The company wants to wait to fully commit to Carbondale’s new City Market until after their fiscal year ends in Feb. 2018.


Carbondale has already granted Kroger six extensions, the last of which was supposed to be for 90 days. The company cited budgetary issues. Kroger stock fell considerably in late June, when Amazon announced its purchase of the grocery chain Whole Foods.


Jay Harrington, Carbondale’s town manager, said the Board of Trustees will likely take the question of another extension up at their Sept. 26 meeting.